Costumers' Alliance
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Costumers Alliance in the San Francisco Bay Area or
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The membership shall consist of anyone interested in theatrical costuming.

The Costumers' Alliance shall exist for the promotion of our profession: to provide mutual support and encouragement for the members of this artistic community.

We must ensure an environment that fosters respect, support, and appreciation for everyone engaged in costuming.

The group shall provide the means for the exchange and sharing of technical expertise: information, materials, and sources.

It shall promote the health and safety of its members, in working conditions and practices.

It shall be a clearing house for information on job and labor availability.

The Costumers' Alliance shall provide assistance to the theatrical community as an advising resource.

We recognize the diverse levels of expertise and interest to be found in our members, but we are united by the craft we practice and the pride we take in our work.

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